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Mad about symbolism

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

For some reason the controlling bodies who are behind this gigantic operation to keep you suppressed, have a strange desire to let you know who they are, using symbols and carefully selected words wherever they have a means to let you know they will fit in a number of clues, whether it be a tv film or flag or corporate body.,It’s as if they are trying to see how much they can take the piss without anyone questioning it! 

Watch a you tube clip here to see the extent of the use of illuminati symbolism..

In truth when you know what to look out for there does not seem to be any media event which does not have one or more not so subtle clues as to who is behind the production, it can be quite amusing to watch a typical Hollywood film counting the dozens of Illuminati symbols often found in the background settings behind the actors.

I think the most profound yet unquestioned display of symbolism this Occult society have is THE PENTAGON surely the one of the most important symbols of ancient rituals known is used as the Central Intelligence Agency! No surprise there then!

Interestingly the Pentagon was actually built on an area of land known as The Devils Marsh! Remarkably the first foundations were laid on September 11th! 1949??

You need also to look at the Dollar Bill, this fake promise of payment is almost a ritual display of the whole network who are behind the manipulation. Look at this weblink to find out the occult symbolism rife on this document.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, these organisations believe very much in the power or energy the various mystical shapes have,This effect seems to be of a vibrational nature and can apparently resonate into the world at specific frequencies which in turn can have a dramatic effect when used in conjunction with other shapes and rituals. Best not pratt about with this stuff unless you want to conjure up a demon!

I wonder if many other people think the 2012 London Olympics symbol reads the word “ZION” interesting coincidence? I doubt it.

Where does the phrase square deal come from? It is an ancient symbol originating in?????????? but the three squares on top of each other represent oppression and far from a fair and square deal!

There are thousands of symbols around us which have satanic origins and are still used today, if you want more info on a symbol click on it to view a link. Before you read on have a look at this website on the “golden Ratio” 1.618

Circle in a cross(celtic)
Cross (image around the sun)
Right angled triangle.
Star of David.
666(trilateral commission)
five pointed star.
Crescent moon.
Washingtons Monument (male phallic) opposite..
The oval office (female)
Caduscius (medical snake symbol)

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Explanation of the symbols

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008



This is the way subliminal messages are inserted into your subconcious the fork in this Hard Rock cafe sign is a perfect example displaying the secret sign of the Satanic illuminati network.

Click here…     to watch a 2 minute you tube video of the extent of the illuminati network and look at the similarity with the symbols!!! 

The master of symbolism and media manipulation is Michael Tsarion watch his lengthy lectures here!



There are many reasons why the five pointed star is so important to the globalists, some are natural phenomena such as starfish and some are mathematical geometric results which can be utilised to fit the profile they require. An example of how natural geometry can be made to fit is typified in the Masonic depiction of Baphomet, this is a figure of a human with a goats head, very similar to Lucifer perhaps even the same deity! The picture shows how the star can be superimposed to represent the body’s extremities and then you can see that the centre of the star becomes an inverted pentagon (pentagram) a sign in itself for Luciferian worship.

The amazing thing about the five-pointed star and the geometrical pentagon formed inside it, is a fantastic example of a principle known as the divine geometry or golden ratio. Well worth looking at.

Nobody seems to wonder why the Pentagon in Washington is so designed and named, when the shape has such strong links to the occult. Another blatant display of Satanism and Illuminati ego can be found on the dollar bill in the form of pyramids, all seeing eyes, groups of numbers with specific meanings also a tiny owl almost hidden from view.

Another natural phenomena about a pentagram can be found in the orbit of the planet Venus. Every eight years due to the orbital shift the planet completes a distinctive pentagon in space this is also considered very important in satanic worship.

If people want to do devil worship and child abuse then that is their business, but if the people who are making decisions in the world which affect your well being are ALL involved with it! I think the general public should at least be aware of it don’t you? Remember no smoke without fire (Washington times 1985)

Snakes and Reptiles.

The whole reptile thing goes back to the earliest cave paintings and to cover the symbology of snakes and stuff would take many pages and many hours to read, so in a nutshell,

The snake depicts many things, here are some of them:

The serpent of deceit in the Garden of Eden,
The coiled (serpent) energy in Yoga known as Kundalini
Symbolism of Lucifer
Symbol of medical profession (cadeucious) snake round a staff (D.N.A.)?
Serpent worship of Egypt depicted in Royal headwear.
Reptilian origins of shapeshifting and mystery.
Symbolism of rebirth (shedding skin)

The symbol known as the Mobius or
Infinity, is actually a snake eating it’s own tail, this demonstrates the never-ending plight of mans entrapment on this earth caught in continuous deaths and rebirths.


If you do not know what phallic means, lets just say it is a representation of the male sex organ when it is ready for action!!

Over thousands of years many objects have been utilised to become phallic symbols, some examples of these are:
Big Ben
Church steeples
Cleopatras needle
Washington Tower
St Pauls Cathedral
Church windows

and any other upright structure usually monuments, how many do you know of in your area?

Standing stones (one of which stands on the lawn in the enclosure of the Vatican!) What’s that all about?
Eiffel tower
Thousands more!!!

The whole satanic thing is based around the male and female sex organs as the rituals with fertility go back many years 





Have you noticed when you see doorways and windows of churches they all seem to have the same conical design to them, this is symbolic of sacred goddess worship most likely of Queen Semiramis in which the shape represents the female entrance to her reproductive organs (vulva), remember churches can be a deception, you may not be aware of who you are praying to when you go in there!!

Masonic Symbols

Most freemasons go to their lodge to see colleagues or to network for their business interests, others just want the harmony a nice meal and a bit of mild ritual, I suspect not many will think that they are at the lower levels of a huge satanic/illuminati operation, which has Baphomet or Lucifer as the principal deity of worship.

In Masonic lodges most masons believe that above the highly significant chessboard carpet where most of the rituals take place, the gold coloured “G” stands for “God above” or “glory in the most high” or even “geometry”, and not the actual word which is based on “Gnosticism” the word being “Generative “if you are involved in masonry, check it out yourself. It relates to the principal generative organs of male reproduction and that is why women are not allowed in the lodge! If you can get hold of “Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike principle founder of Scottish rite freemasonry, many of the deceptions are revealed but only to masons who have reached the 33rd degree!! Masonic symbols can be found all over on emblems and regalia , especially bank notes. Many believe that freemasonry is the “carrier religion” for the new world order zionist control!
Remember do not believe everything you see on the box or in media news it is often a carefully prepared misdirection.

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